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Community Outreach / Free Wheelchair Mission

Free Wheelchair Mission (FWM)
Total Donated — 100 wheelchairs

Stanbridge College donated 100 wheelchairs to individuals around the world. At the conclusion of the fundraising campaign, representatives from the Free Wheelchair Mission visited the campus to receive the donation, as well as share with the community their experiences of distributing the wheelchairs across the globe.

“In wealthy countries, a disabled person can get a wheelchair; however, there are over 100,000,000 disabled adults and children for whom the dream of a wheelchair is worlds beyond their expectations. They live without this basic form of mobility by crawling through life or waiting for a loved one to carry them to fulfill the simplest of needs--the disabled and the family members are thereby restricted from a full life.” — FWM website

Free Wheelchair Mission is a Christ centered non profit organization that seeks to help disabled people in developing countries by providing them with free wheelchairs. The FWM wheelchair uses bicycle tires, a pump and resin chairs which can be easily replaced in 3rd world countries. Each wheelchair costs less than $60, including shipping to its destination.

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